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One of our key objectives going forward is to regularly communicate and be more transparent about actions taken and all the steps toward a safe and inclusive sport.

In addition to articles on our website and regular communication through social media, we will publish quarterly reports on the progress the organization is making with the action plan. Reports will be available in the resources section. As of today, the overall direction of the plan for the next 12 months is as follows:

Now – April 2021

  • Presentation of the “Rise Up” action plan + initial website
  • Areas of focus, 12 months roadmap
  • On-going consultation with current & future collaborators

90 days – July 2021

  • Implementation of “Rise Up” project team, with key stakeholders and former NT athletes
  • Review & implementation of a new reporting mechanism
  • Defining the feedback loop from athletes and the project team + transparent collaboration
  • Development of visual tools aimed for awareness & education

180 days – Oct 2021

  • Culture revitalization project – balance between performance and personal development
  • Athlete-only meetings chaired by our Athlete Council and including athlete representatives
  • New coach training to focus on a culture that respects diversity and inclusion
  • Additional safe sport e-learning modules implemented for coaches and other stakeholders

365 days – April 2022

  • Assessment & progress report of the last 12 months
  • Complete review of policies and practices
  • Forward planning for the next year


Document Date Size
“Rise Up” initial presentation April 2021 364 Kb
“Rise Up” Report #01 July 2021 638 Kb
“Rise Up” Report #02 October 2021 002 Mb
“Rise Up” Annual Report November 2022 08 Mb


The purpose of the Rise Up Project Management Committee is to bring new perspective to cultural challenges faced by CAS and propose workable solutions that can be executed at NSO, PTSO and Club level. Additionally, the RUMC will oversee several sub-groups to ensure timely completion of tasks. This group will guide and direct some aspects of the decision-making process to continually move the detailed actions within the Rise Up Plan forward – for presentation to CAS Board as applicable.
We are currently in the process of putting together the Rise Up Project Management Committee (RUMC). We plan to announce the composition of this committee as well as other partners in the next 90 days (phase 01).


We welcome everyone to share their ideas and opinions to be able to create a better environment for our athletes. We invite you to follow us on social media and to communicate all questions and feedback at [email protected]

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