CAS and all of its PTSOs and Affiliated Organizations aim to provide a working and sporting environment where the dignity of the Individual is respected, free from any form of Discrimination, Harassment, and Maltreatment as defined in the Safe and Welcoming Sport Policy Suite Overview, including sexual Harassment.

 Harassment & Prohibited Behaviour Policy

This Policy applies to all Athletes, Employees, Volunteers, and any other person or Individual involved with the Organization’s Activities and Events. It applies to Discrimination, Harassment, or Maltreatment’s situations or behaviours that may occur during all of the Organization’s Activities and Events regardless of location.

Incidents of Discrimination, Harassment and Maltreatment occurring at CAS, a PTSO, or an Affiliated Organization’s level shall be dealt with in accordance with the applicable Policy. In absence of a PTSO or Affiliated Organization’s Discrimination, Harassment and Maltreatment Policy, the CAS Discrimination, Harassment and Maltreatment Policy will apply by default and CAS may decide, at its own discretion, to manage the issue in accordance with the CAS Discipline and Complaint Policy and Procedure.