National Office

700 Industrial Ave, Suite 401
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Y9

Phone: 613.748.5674
Fax: 613.748.5724
Email: [email protected]

Centre of Excellence

INS Québec
4141 Avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin
Montreal, QC
H2M 2E7

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Office: 613.748.5674 #222
[email protected]

CÔTÉ, Stéphane
Events & Communications Director
Mobile: 418.420.2125
[email protected]

HEALY, Julie
Chief Sport Officer
Office: 613.748.5674 #227
[email protected]

BOWSER, Angela
Events and Member Services Manager
Office: 613.748.5674 #229
[email protected]

Artistic Swimming Program Manager
[email protected]

LANGLOIS, Jennifer
LTAD Programming Manager
[email protected]

LECOMPTE, Isabelle
High Performance Manager
Centre of Excellence: 514.255.1000 #229
[email protected]

McEVOY, Cheryl
Finance and Administration Manager
Office: 613.748.5674 #224
[email protected]