Name Role Province On Board Since
Judi Enns Bradette President ON 2015
Lindsay Duncan QC 2017
Sara Hart AB 2020
Jason Herbert BC 2020
Florence Klein Vice-President QC 2018
Deana Shaw ON 2020
Elise Truscott SK 2020
Olivia Zawadiuk Athlete Council Chair BC 2019

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Name Role Province
Dr Margo Mountjoy FINA Bureau member, FINA Medical Commission member ON
Lisa Schott FINA TASC (Technical Artistic Swimming Committee) Chair
Aquatics Canada President
Vice-Chair UANA Technical Committee
Sheilagh Croxon FINA Coaching Committee Representative ON
Erika Lindner UANA representative ON


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Members Role
Judi Enns Bradette Chair, President
Helen Kelley Provincial Representative
Elena Thibault Provincial Representative
Gayle McClelland Member-at-large
Jason Herbert
Jackie Buckingham CAS Resource
Members Role
Lindsay Duncan Chair
Suzanne Kostron ON
Mélanie Beaudoin QC
Pam Wylie MB
Jackie Buckingham CAS Resource
Members Role
Paul Jewer Chair
Deana Shaw Board Liaison
Osvaldo Jeanty
Cheryl McEvoy CAS Resource
Judi Enns Bradette
Jackie Buckingham
Members Role
Florence Klein Chair and Board Liaison
Elise Truscott
Sara Hart
Jackie Buckingham CAS Resource


Members Role
Karen Land Chair
Lindsay Duncan Board Liaison
Erika Lindner
Karen Seymour
Pat McCann
Stéphane Côté CAS Resource
Members Role
Lisa Schott Chair
Judi Enns Bradette Board Liaison
Louise Kennedy
Diane van der Pol
Margo Mountjoy
Lianna Sottile NOC Liaison
Julie Healy
Senior Team Head Coach
Jackie Buckingham CAS Resource
Members Role
Lianna Sottile Chair
Deana Shaw Board Liaison
Lynda Furniss
Josee Daudelin
Penny Hermann
Suzanne Kostron
Lisa Balcombe
Kari McKnight
Nancy Reed Past Chair
Jackie Buckingham CAS Resource
Members Role
Olivia Zawadiuk Chair
Emily Armstrong Senior National Team
Meaghan Lapierre 13-15 National Team
Aerin England Member-at-large
Members Role
Camille Bowness
Gabriella Brisson
Julie Chin
Gilbert Edmond
Jeanine Enns
Manny Wu
Julie Vézina PTSO ED Representative
Lindsay Duncan Co-Chair
Rieanne Gushulak Staff Resource
Members From Role
Julie Healy CAS – Chief Sport Officer Chair
Rieanne Gushulak CAS – Safety-in-Sport Coordinator
Jamie Thompson Alberta Artistic Swimming
Laurie Wachs Saskatchewan Artistic Swimming
Holly Hjartson Manitoba Artistic Swimming
Karen Land Manitoba Artistic Swimming
Aerin England Ontario Artistic Swimming Athlete Representative
Geneviève Quesnel Natation Artistique Québec
Laura Swift Natation Artistique Québec
Nadine Jewer Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming
Kari McKnight Alberta Officials Representative
Lindsay Duncan CAS Board Liaison
Sheilagh Croxon Ad Hoc Member
Judi Enns Bradette Ad Hoc Member