Canada Artistic Swimming logos can be used by our partners and for promotional purposes. Please select the logo from the choices below that best suits your needs, while making sure that they always appear in accordance to our Brand Guidelines.

Consent is required if you use the logo:

  • In relationship to a sponsorship or grant application
  • On promotional items to be sold
  • For fundraising activities
  • On business products or packaging
  • To promote business products or services

Please address all inquiries to [email protected]


File Type Click to download selected file Size
 Bilingual Wordmark JPG Colour RGB 725 Kb
JPG Black 413 Kb
PNG Colour RGB 127 Kb
PNG Black 125 Kb
PNG Reversed (white) 115 Kb
EPS Colour RGB 1.8 Mb
EPS Black 1.8 Mb
EPS Reversed Transparent (white) 1.7 Mb
 English Wordmark JPG Colour RGB 477 Kb
JPG Black 278 Kb
PNG Colour RGB 86 Kb
PNG Black 80 Kb
PNG Reversed (white) 80 Kb
EPS Colour RGB 721 Kb
EPS Black 708 Kb
EPS Reversed (white) 704 Kb
 Icon JPG Colour RGB 191 Kb
JPG Black 120 Kb
PNG Colour RGB 44 Kb
PNG Black 43 Kb
PNG Reversed (white) 39 Kb
EPS Colour RGB 657 Kb
EPS Black 641 Kb
EPS Reversed (white) 632 Kb


File Type Click to download selected file Size
 Bilingual Wordmark JPG Colour CMYK 909 Kb
JPG Black 444 Kb
EPS Colour CMYK 858 Kb
EPS Colour Pantone 857 Kb
EPS Black 816 Kb
EPS Reversed Transparent (white) 781 Kb
 English Wordmark JPG Colour CMYK 1.2 Mb
JPG Black 299 Kb
EPS Colour CMYK 807 Kb
EPS Colour Pantone 807 Kb
EPS Black 789 Kb
EPS Reversed (white) 769 Kb
 Icon JPG Colour CMYK 753 Kb
JPG Black 134 Kb
EPS Colour CMYK 975 Kb
EPS Colour Pantone 794 Kb
EPS Black 786 Kb
EPS Reversed (white) 718 Kb