PROMOTING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT2021-02-16T20:07:16-05:00


As part of its commitment to providing a safe training environment to all participants, Canada Artistic Swimming has recently adopted several governing policies related to safe sport which are described below.

Coach Registration & Certification Policy2020-04-16T14:57:45-04:00

CAS and PTSOs are committed to creating a safe work and sport environment in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Coaches are expected to conduct themselves in all matters involving or impacting CAS or a PTSO, and where they may be seen to be representing CAS or a PTSO, with integrity and in a manner that is consistent with CAS and PTSO values and the highest standards of behaviour upon which CAS or a PTSO’s image and reputation rests. The purpose of this Policy is to outline the registration and certification requirements for coaching artistic swimming in Canada.

  Coach Registration & Certification Policy

This Policy applies to all individuals wishing to engage in the role of a coach for the sport of artistic swimming in Canada.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy2021-03-30T16:40:02-04:00

This Policy will:

  1. Promote the benefits, principles and opportunities of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within Canada Artistic Swimming and with all partners and stakeholders.
  2. Place athlete, coach, official, staff, and volunteer health and well-being at the forefront of all decisions, thus putting the person first over any outcome.
  3. Encourage individuals of all demographic groups, particularly those of underrepresented groups, and all genders, to become involved in the sport of artistic swimming as athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff, supporters and spectators.
  4. Create environments that welcome everyone to the sport of artistic swimming. Welcoming environments will help to increase the diversity of individuals and organizations involved in artistic swimming.
  5. Ensure that CAS serves as an example to the sport community, investing in programs that seek to promote, celebrate, and recognize diversity in society overall.

  Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

This Policy applies to all of the following:

  • CAS and all of its registrants;
  • Employees and anyone under contract with CAS, a CAS Member or an Affiliated Organization and anyone attending the Organization’s offices or other workplaces for work or training-related purposes. This includes all persons working with teams or athletes, including coaches, medical and paramedical personnel and other support persons.
Conduct Policy2020-04-16T15:00:38-04:00

CAS Participants are expected to conduct themselves in all matters involving or impacting CAS, and where they may be seen to be representing CAS, with integrity and in a manner, that is consistent with CAS values and the highest standards of behaviour upon which CAS’s image and reputation rests. The purpose of this Conduct Policy is to foster a positive, safe and respectful work and sport environment.

  Conduct Policy

This Policy applies to all CAS Participants, which include all persons engaged in any paid or volunteer capacity with CAS or otherwise under the jurisdiction of CAS. This Policy applies at all times, wherever the CAS Activity takes place, which includes the CAS offices as well as external locations in Canada and abroad and includes all activities over which CAS has jurisdiction. This Policy also applies to the conduct of CAS Participants outside of CAS Activity when such conduct adversely affects relationships within CAS and its work and sport environment or is detrimental to the image and reputation of CAS. Such applicability will be determined by CAS at its sole discretion.

Screening Policy2020-04-16T15:01:22-04:00

Police record checks are an important part of the screening process to determine suitability of employees, board members, coaches, volunteers and other service providers. Police record checks can mitigate risk of theft and fraud and can help organizations identify individuals who pose a risk to minors and other vulnerable persons. Screening is an important part of providing a safe sporting environment and has become a common practice among sport organizations that provide programs and services to the community. CAS and its Members and affiliated clubs are responsible at law to do everything reasonable to provide a safe and secure environment for participants in its programs, activities and events. Requiring that valid police record checks, and other background checks as appropriate, be submitted, as part of the screening process, is part of this duty of care.

  Screening Policy

  Link to Online Screening Application Form  

Appeal Policy2020-04-16T15:33:05-04:00

The purpose of this Policy is to allow Individuals the ability to appeal certain decisions made by CAS or a CAS Member or Affiliated Organization without recourse to external legal procedures.

 Appeal Policy

This Policy applies to all Individuals. Any Individual who is affected by a decision of the CAS, CAS Member or Affiliated Organization’s Board, of any Committee of the Board or individual or body who has been delegated to make decisions on behalf of the Organization or its Board has the right to appeal that decision provided there are sufficient grounds for the appeal as set out in the policy.

Discipline and Complaints Policy2020-04-16T15:44:23-04:00

Individuals are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations including complying with the Organizations by-laws, policies and rules including the CAS Conduct Policy. Noncompliance may result in sanctions under this Policy. This Policy sets out the discipline and complaint process for complaints relating to an alleged misconduct that contains an element of discrimination, harassment or violence, as defined in the CAS Conduct Policy.

 Discipline and Complaints Policy

This Policy applies to all Individuals, at all times, wherever an Activity takes place, which includes the Organization’s offices as well as external locations in Canada and abroad.

Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS)2020-06-17T14:33:25-04:00

The UCCMS will provide the foundation for the development of a coordinated implementation strategy to prevent and address maltreatment across all levels of the Canadian sport system, and for all participants (athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, practitioners, etc.). The UCCMS is a result of an extensive consultation process that sought insight and expertise from within the sport system and from external subject matter experts.


We take all incidents seriously. This is why we have reporting and resolution frameworks to address concerns within our community with respect and dignity. Our dedication to a safe environment is our top priority, and we will always act in a prompt, timely manner.

Find out more about reporting incidents here