Make a Report FAQ

Is my information safe and confidential?

Yes, reports can be made anonymously and the system is 100% confidential.  When a report is filed, the author is invited to create a log in password to enable them to re-access their own report.  Only the appropriate Triage Officer [...]

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What are the benefits of an online reporting mechanism?

Anonymity of the author of a report if desired CONFIDENTIALITY Information security Centralization of various subjects within one report mechanism The reporting mechanism is available 24/7 online or by telephone at 1 866-921-6714 Communication with the author of the report through [...]

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How does it work?

Accessing the “Make a Report” button allows anyone in artistic swimming to provide confidential (and anonymous if desired) information to a third party, independent Triage Officer who will follow up with the report-writer within 2 business days (for conduct related issues).  [...]

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What is the purpose of the button?

The button provides immediate access to a third-party and confidential service whose goal is to: Provide a standard reporting tool for authors to capture written information in a consistent manner Protect the athletes, coaches, officials, staff, and volunteers and the organization [...]

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What does the “Make a Report” button do?

The Make a Report button takes the user to a bilingual, standardized, third party, independent feedback and complaint reporting mechanism managed by Integrity Counts, which forwards the reports to an independent Triage Officer.

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