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Name Club Card
Ball, Janelle Dollard Synchro SR1
Boisvert, Gabrielle Quebec Excellence Synchro SR1
Côté, Andrée-Anne Quebec Excellence Synchro SR1
Holzner, Claudia Dollard Synchro SR1
Simoneau, Jacqueline Dollard Synchro SR1
Vézina, Laurence Quebec Excellence Synchro SR1
Wong, Kali Dollard Synchro SR1
Harrower, Rebecca Dollard Synchro SR
Joly, Audrey Dollard Synchro SR
Pratt, Halle Calgary Aquabelles SR
Armstrong, Emily RTC Ontario D
Barrett, Catherine RTC Ontario D
Czarkowski, Jaime Calgary Aquabelles D
Finn, Scarlett RTC Ontario D
Fiola-Dion, Camille Quebec Excellence Synchro D
Gauthier, Mikaëlle Dollard Synchro D
Hoffman, Teah Calgary Aquabelles D
Hopper, Paige Calgary Aquabelles D
Ormond, Sion RTC Ontario D
Regnier, Jaiden RTC Ontario D
Spott, Emma RTC Ontario D
Stremlaw, Kristin RTC Ontario D
Winkelaar, Cassandra Calgary Aquabelles D

Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)

The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) is a sport funding program that contributes to the pursuit of excellence. AAP support seeks to relieve some of the financial pressures associated with preparing for and participating in international sport and assists high-performance Canadian athletes to combine their sport and academic or working careers while training intensively in pursuit of world-class performances.

To be eligible to be considered for support through the AAP, an athlete must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
  • adhere to their athlete/Canada Artistic Swimming agreement requirements;
  • meet the eligibility requirement of FINA as they pertain to citizenship and residency status and be available to represent Canada at major international events, including World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games; and
  • meet the carding criteria (see below) as a member of the Canadian Team at international events or in domestic events or events sanctioned by Canada Artistic Swimming for artistic swimming.


Name As of Type Size Notes
2019 AAP (Athlete Assistance Program) Carding Criteria Nov 2018   282 Kb
Policies, Procedures and Guidelines 2015   661 Kb Sport Canada document