The 2020 virtual Annual Meeting (AM) of Canada Artistic Swimming concluded on Saturday, September 19th with the election of four new board members.

It was an informative session that commenced with a presentation from Lindsay Larue,  Sport Canada Consultant. Then Julie Healy, CAS Chief Sport Officer, reviewed the achievements and future plans in the areas of coaching and athlete development. The 65 people in attendance also heard from Olivia Zawadiuk, Athlete Council Chair and Athlete Representative on the Board and Lindsay Duncan, Board Member and co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

During the meeting, delegates  approved a completely revised set of By-Laws for Canada Artistic Swimming, culminating a project that had involved the Board, the Governance Committee and the Members with the support and guidance of Benoit Girardin, from LBB Strategies, over a period of nine months leading into this meeting.

The four new elected CAS Board Members bring a strong, diverse skill set to the governance of the organization.  

Sara Hart is a lawyer from Edmonton, Alberta, who has found serving on boards to be both rewarding and a learning experience. She has a deep respect for artistic swimming and will us her love for creative sport and the arts to assist and build on the strength of CAS’ current strategic plan. She also hopes to bring her legal background to serve the board, along with her leadership and communication skills. Sara was elected to a two-year term on the Board.

Also bringing a legal perspective to the Board is Jason Herbert from Vancouver, British Columbia. Artistic swimming has been significant in his family; his wife and daughter have both been very active in the sport, as athletes and as coaches. He recognizes the value of developing a greater awareness of the sport across the country, encouraging broader and more diverse participation recreationally and competitively. He is also committed to promoting excellence and ensuring Canada’s competitiveness at the international level. He looks forward to bringing his professional skills in the legal field, as well as his experience in the not-for-profit sector to his three-year term on the Board.

From Toronto, Ontario, Deana Shaw brings over 20 years experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors to the Board. A former artistic swimmer, she has a broad base of marketing, brand and communications experience in both her volunteer and professional capacities. She believes in the power of sport working in collaboration with smart business practices. She most recently helped chair the Canada Strong Fund, working with a diverse committee in an environment of mutual respect and thought leadership, to achieve their common goals. Elected for a three-year term, she looks forward to upholding the culture of CAS while inspiring it to achieve new heights in her role as a Board member.

Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Elise Truscott is a former competitive artistic swimmer with the Saskatoon Aqualenes and continues to compete as a Masters artistic, speed and open water swimmer. She brings her passion for the sport, along with her professional business expertise to her three-year term on the Board. She has worked previously in the areas of strategic planning, enterprise risk management and human resources while now working in board governance. She hopes to bring her background in developing and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies for a number of organizations to focus on CAS’ brand essence of Forging Unity Through Diversity.

Remaining on the CAS Board are Toronto’s Judi Enns Bradette, who was re-elected in 2019 and serves as the as Board’s President, Lindsay Duncan from Montreal, QC and Florence Klein from Ancienne-Lorette, QC . Olivia Zawadiuk from Vancouver, BC remains as the Athlete Council Chair and Athlete Representative.

The outgoing members of the Board were thanked for their contributions and service to the sport. Shannon Higgins and Margie Schuett have devoted their time and talents to moving the sport forward and to helping guide Canada Artistic Swimming to its current position as a leader both nationally and internationally.

The new board began its work immediately following the AM and will now turn its attention first to board orientation sessions and background training in respect in sport, diversity and inclusion and general governance.