A one-step confidential reporting mechanism has been added to Canada Artistic Swimming’s (CAS) comprehensive practices to create a safe and welcoming sport environment.

Clicking on the Make a Report button takes users from the CAS or Member website directly to a bilingual, independent feedback and complaint intake process managed by Alias, Ligne de Signalement Inc. of Montreal. From here the report is directed to a third party, independent Triage Officer.

ALIAS allows individuals in the Canadian artistic swimming community to report, in a confidential manner, incidents related to inappropriate conduct, or suspected discrimination, harassment or maltreatment, and also creates a consistent and easy way to provide constructive feedback to the organization in general.

Available 24/7, users can file a report online or by telephone at 1-877-574-2331.  They can choose to identify themselves, or to remain anonymous. The process is completely independent of CAS. Once filed, a third party, independent Triage Officer follows up with the report-writer within two business days (for conduct-related issues).  When a report is filed, the author creates a log-in password to enable them to re-access their own report.  Only the appropriate national or provincial Triage Officer will have access to the details and will communicate through the system with the report author. Even if the reports are anonymous, communication with the author of the report through Alias remains possible.

The Triage Officer identifies each conduct issue reported as a major or minor infraction on the basis of the details connected with the situation. The external, third-party, independent investigation and resolution steps followed will reference the appropriate process outlined in the CAS Discipline and Complaints Policy and Procedure.

“This is an important new safeguarding tool to protect athletes, coaches, officials, staff, and volunteers,” said Jackie Buckingham, CEO. “It allows the organization through its external and independent safe sport partners to identify and react quickly to problems or unacceptable behaviours, and to be proactive in resolving issues as they arise”.

Report data will be aggregated over time to allow the organization to recognize any trends or patterns in reports and enable greater education and more global follow up.

Reports indicated by the writer as general feedback will be sent to CAS or the applicable provincial organization for follow up – in most cases within five business days.

For people unsure if they want to use the Make a Report process, the CAS third-party, Independent Complaint Assessor/ Triage Officer, Lise MacLean, is available to discuss options with them. Lise can be reached by email at [email protected].

For technical problems, ALIAS support services can be reached at [email protected].


Alias specializes in prevention, detection and investigation of wrongdoing – harassment in the workplace and conduct issues in sport. It offers a modern and secure, confidential and caring communication tool that has already served a diversified clientele, with over 2.5 million potential users. They maintain a state-of-the-art reporting mechanism that meets international standards and professional services in the management of confidential reports of all kinds.