With the World Aquatic Championships just a few weeks away Canada’s National Team is anxious to put the finishing touches on its routines.

Canada is doing just that as they take part in the 2nd Annual Barcelona Trophy, held  at the Picornell Pool in Barcelona, Spain.

The event got underway Friday morning with the Team Tech event where Canada finished third behind the host team and Japan.

Spain finished first with a score of 97.000 while Japan was awarded a score of 94.833 and Canada posted a score of 94.500.

“Today we made some synchro mistakes and pattern errors,” said Julie Sauve, coach of Canada’s National Team. “This is a wonderful opportunity for the team and for us to make some final adjustments.”

Team captain Eve Lamoureux, of Montreal, QC, admits the performance was out ofthe ordinary for Canada.

“We made some mistakes that are very unusual for us,” admitted Lamoureux. “However we were very pleased with the team’s energy during the performance.”

Later in the day Canada swam its Team Free routine where they swam exceptionally well and finished second behind Spain. Spain had a score of 98.000, while Canada posted a score of 95.333 and Japan came third with a score of 94.833.

Canada was especially happy to end the day on such a high note.

Canada also competed in the Duet Free where Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon and Chloe Isaac finished third.

Spain finished first with a score of 98.333, while Japan was second with a score of 95.667 and Canada received a score of 95.167. “I was extremely satisfied with our duet’s performance,” said Sauve. “They had wonderful synchronization and great energy and in my opinion deserved better marks.”

Boudreau Gagnon, of Riviere-du-Loup, QC, was also pleased with the performance.

“I was a little disappointed with the results,” said Boudreau Gagnon. “I believe we continue to grow as a pair and are showing great control of our routine.”

In addition to Canada and Spain, Japan, Great Britain, Switzerland and the Netherlands will be taking part.

The Trophy wraps-up tomorrow with the Duet Tech and Team Free, as well as exhibition performances in Solo and Combo.

Swimmers in Team Tech
Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon
Jo-Annie Fortin
Chloe Isaac
Eve Lamoureux
Elise Marcotte
Karine Thomas
Valerie Welsh
Erin Willson
Tracy Little (alternate)
Sandy Gill (alternate)

Swimmers in Team Free
Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon
Jo-Anne Fortin
Sandy Gill
Chloe Isaac
Eve Lamoureux
Elise Marcotte
Karine Thomas
Valerie Welsh
Tracy Little (alternate)
Erin Willson (alternate)

National Team Coaches
Denise Sauve
Julie Sauve
Marietta Meng-Chen
Kasia Kulesza

Team Manager  Josee Dagenais

For more information please contact:
Lisa Wallace
Communications Manager
Synchro Canada
[email protected]