Is my information safe and confidential?

Yes, reports can be made anonymously and the system is 100% confidential.  When a report is filed, the author is invited to create a log in password to enable them to re-access their own report.  Only the appropriate Triage Officer [...]

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What are the benefits of an online reporting mechanism?

Anonymity of the author of a report if desired CONFIDENTIALITY Information security Centralization of various subjects within one report mechanism The reporting mechanism is available 24/7 online Communication with the author of the report through Integrity Counts is possible even [...]

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How does it work?

Accessing the “Make a Report” button allows anyone in artistic swimming to provide confidential (and anonymous if desired) information to a third party, independent Triage Officer who will follow up with the report-writer within 2 business days (for conduct related [...]

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What is the purpose of the button?

The button provides immediate access to a third-party and confidential service whose goal is to: Provide a standard reporting tool for authors to capture written information in a consistent manner Protect the athletes, coaches, officials, staff, and volunteers and the organization [...]

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What does the “Make a Report” button do?

The Make a Report button takes the user to a bilingual, standardized, third party, independent feedback and complaint reporting mechanism managed by Integrity Counts, which forwards the reports to an independent Triage Officer.

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Harassment & Prohibited Behaviour Policy

CAS and all of its PTSOs and Affiliated Organizations aim to provide a working and sporting environment where the dignity of the Individual is respected, free from any form of Discrimination, Harassment, and Maltreatment as defined in the Safe and Welcoming [...]

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Safe & Welcoming Sport Policy Suite Overview

CAS believes that everyone in the sport has the right to enjoy the sport fully at whatever level or position they participate. Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers have the right to participate in a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment [...]

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