Individuals and Organizations are expected to conduct themselves in all matters involving or impacting the Organizations or where they may be seen to be representing these Organizations, with integrity and in a manner that is consistent with these Organizations’ values and the highest standards of behaviour upon which the Organizations’ image and reputation rests.

  Conduct Policy

The purpose of this Conduct Policy is to foster a positive, safe, and respectful work and sport environment where:

  1. The Organizations’ values and expected standards of behaviour are understood, communicated, and lived by all Individuals and Organizations;
  2. There is adherence to all applicable laws, regardless of where the Activity or Event takes place; and
  3. The Individuals’ conduct is ethical, transparent and fosters confidence in the integrity of the sport and the Organizations.

The purpose of this Policy is also:

  1. To ensure the decisions and actions of Individuals and Organizations are consistent with the CAS mission, vision, values, and policies; and
  2. To define those actions and behaviours that are not permitted so that they are known to Individuals and Organizations and can be avoided.