Halle Pratt of Calgary stands tied in fourth place after the preliminary round in Sunday’s solo competition at the FINA World Junior Synchronized Swimming Championships.

Varvara Subbotina of Russia holds the lead with 90.600 points, Yelyzaveta Yakhno of Ukraine is second at 88.7000 and Japan’s Sakiko Akutsu third at 87.4667.   Pratt, a four-time solo national champion, is tied in fourth place with Irene Toledano of Spain at 86.000.

“It was truly a great experience to walk out onto the world stage by myself,” said Pratt after her performance.  “I could feel the support from the audience and from my teammates, which made me feel very confident as I dove in.  I felt very solid throughout my whole swim and I am now looking forward to figures tomorrow to keep the momentum going.”

“Halle really went for it today,” stated Associate Head Coach Jenn Tregale.  “We feel she handled the pressure extremely well and it translated into a performance that garnered very positive comments from the community.”

Synchro Canada Domestic Technical Director Jadine Cleary was also proud of the performance.  “Halle handled her swim with maturity and grace. She set the stage with her presence on deck and followed up with great execution in the water.”

The official rankings going into finals will be determined by adding these routine scores to tomorrow’s figures marks.  The finals will take place on the last day of the competition, on Wednesday.

For results and schedule, please visit the event page.  All events are webcast live on FINA’s YouTube channel.