BIRTHDATE October 1, 1990
HOMETOWN Chang Zhou, China / Westmount, QC
HEIGHT 172,5 cm
HOME CLUB Dollard Synchro
13-15 NATIONAL TEAM 2005


Marie-Lou Morin is the former captain of the Canadian synchronized swimming team. After being selected to the 13-15 National Team in 2005, she was selected for the Junior National Team in 2007 and 2008. As part of the junior national team in 2007-08, she competed at the 2008 FINA World Junior Championships before moving up to the Senior National team in 2009. She was a member of the Canadian team that competed at the FINA World Trophy, an event that celebrates the beauty and artistry of the sport, in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. Morin made her FINA World Championship debut in 2013, helping Canada to a sixth place finish in the team event. After being an alternate in 2010, she competed at her first FINA World Cup in 2014 where Canada just missed the podium in fourth place. The following year, she won the gold medal in the team event at the Toronto PanAm Games and competed in the 2015 edition of the FINA World ChampionshipsHer gold medals in duet and team events at the 2007 Canada Games and at the 2007 US Open are some of the highlights of her career. Also dear to her heart are her two performances at the World Championships, her gold medal at the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto and her participation in the 2016 Olympic Qualifier.


  • Family: Born in China and adopted at the age of 1 year and a half. Parents Gilles Morin and Anne Lussier. Baby of 5 children (3 brothers and one sister), they all have kids, so she is the proud aunt of 9 nephews and 2 nieces.
  • Getting into the Sport: Was trying many sports as a kid and always loved water…First tried synchro in 1998 at the suggestion of an aunt who was involved in the sport…She did, and has been doing it since! 
  • Outside Interests: Loves baking and cooking… Likes to try many new activities and challenge herself in other ways. Studies management at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business.
  • Future aspirations: Would like to open up her own business in bakery or restaurant.
  • Odds and Ends: Nickname is Loulou. Always takes a sip of a bottle of water that they pass around the team afterwards and that they call the “Holy Water”. Also always cracks her toes before performing. Says she doesn’t have one idol in particular but “admire my teammates the most, because we go through so much together, and they push me everyday to be a better athlete”.
  • Favorite Quote: “Everything happens for a reason”
  • Why she loves Synchro: “I think this sport is the most challenging and most demanding in overall fitness and abilities, and I love sharing my performance with my 7 other teammates.”


Competition Year Location Event (Result)  Download
Olympic Qualifier 2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Team (4) Results
FINA World Championships 2015 Kazan, RUS Combo (6), Team Free (7), Team Technical (6) Results
Pan Am Games 2015 Toronto, ON Team (1) Results
Shiseido Canadian Open Championships 2015 Toronto, ON Team Free(1), Team Technical(1) Results
FINA World Trophy 2014 CHN
FINA World Cup 2014 Quebec City, QC Team (4), Highlight Team (2) Results
Spanish Open 2014 Castillon, ESP Team (2) Results
Japan Open 2014 Amagasaki, JPN Team (2) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2014 Saskatoon, SK Team Free(1), Team Technical(1) Results
FINA World Championships 2013 Barcelona, ESP Team Free (6), Team Technical (5), Combo (5) Results
Brazil Open 2013 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Team Free (3), Team Technical (3) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2013 Quebec City, QC Combo (1), Team Technical (1) Results
FINA World Trophy 2012 Mexico City, MEX Team Highlight (4), Combo (4), Team Thematic (5), Overall (4) Results
Spain Open 2012 Team (2), Combo (2) Results
FINA World Trophy 2011 Bejing, CHN Combo (2), Team Free (3), Team Highlight (4) Results
Savona Open 2011 Savona, ITA Team (2), Combo (2) Results
FINA World Trophy 2010 Moscow, RUS Team Highlight (3), Team Thematic (4), Combo (4), Duet (5) Results
FINA World Cup 2010 Changshu, CHN Combo (3) Results
Spanish Open 2010 Team Technical (2) Results
German Open 2010 Bonn, GER Team Technical (1) Results
FINA World Trophy 2009 Montreal, QC Team Highlight (1) Results
German Open 2009 Bonn, GER Team Free (1), Team Technical (1), Combo (2)
FINA World Junior Championships 2008 Team (4)
US Open 2007 Team (1), Duet (1)


Competition Year Location Event (Result)  Download
Canadian Open Championships 2008 Combo (1), Duet (2), Team (2), Solo (6), Figures (6)
Canadian Open Championships 2007 Victoria, BC Duet (2), Combo (5), Team (6), Solo (14), Figures (11) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2006 Winnipeg, MB Solo (1), Duet (1), Figures (2) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2005 Calgary, AB Duet (3), Figures (12) Results