BIRTHDATE May 22, 1989
HOMETOWN Coquitlam, BC
HOME CLUB Coquitlam Coralinas, Pacific sport Aquasonics (Surrey),Calgary Aquabelles

The Coquitlam native had the opportunity to watch the National team athletes perform in 2000, before the Olympics. From that moment, her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal started. The National team athletes not only helped her shape her dream, but also served as role models, a role she finds very rewarding now that she is in that position. Sandy has now been part of the National team since 2006, and has had the chance to take part in the 2009 FINA World Trophy, where she helped Canada win the team event. The feeling of finishing first in the acrobatic routine, seeing the perfect scores in the thematic routine and lastly, hearing the Canadian National anthem play at the end of the competition was something she will never forget. Sandy also took part in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 editions. More recently, she was a member of the team that competed at the 2014 Spain Open and at the 2014 Japan Open. 

Family: Both parents are former national and international underwater hockey players… Getting into the Sport: Fell in love with synchronized swimming when she was 8 by a stroke of luck. She wanted to take dance lessons but couldn’t manage to make them fit in the family schedule so decided to sign up in synchronized swimming instead and her passion started at the first practice and continues to grow day by day.


Competition Year Location Event (Result)  Download
Olympic Qualifier 2016 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Team (4) Results
Shiseido Canadian Open Championships 2015 Toronto, ON Team Free (1), Team Technical (1) Results
FINA World Cup 2014 Quebec City, QC Team (4), Highlight Team (2) Results
Spanish Open 2014 Castillon, ESP Team (2) Results
Japan Open 2014 Amagasaki, JPN Team (2) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2014 Saskatoon, SK Team Free(1), Team Technical(1) Results
FINA World Championships 2013 Barcelona, ESP Team Free (6), Team Technical (5), Combo (5) Results
Brazil Open 2013 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Team Free (3), Team Technical (3) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2013 Quebec City, QC Combo (1), Team Technical (1) Results
FINA World Trophy 2012 Mexico City, MEX Highlight Team (4), Combo (4), Thematic Team (5), Overall ranking (4) Results
Spain Open 2012 Team (2), Combo (2) Results
FINA World Trophy 2011 Bejing, CHN Combo (2), Thematic Team (3), Highlight Team (4) Results
Savona Open 2011 Savona, ITA Team (2), Combo (2) Results
Spanish Open 2010 Team (2), Combo (2) Results
German Open 2010 Bonn, GER Team (1), Combo (1) Results
FINA World Trophy 2010 Moscow, RUS Highlight Team (3), Thematic Team (4), Combo (4) Results
FINA World Trophy 2009 Montreal, QC Highlight Team (1), Thematic Team (1), Combo (3), Overall (1) Results
FINA World Championships 2009 Rome, ITA Combo (3), Team (4) Results
Barcelona Trophy 2009 Barcelona, ESP Team (2), Combo (2)
German Open 2009 Bonn, GER Team (1), Combo (2)
Spain Open 2009 Valladolid, ESP Team (2), Combo (2)
Swiss Open 2008 Zurich, SWI Team (2), Solo (4)
Swiss Open 2007 Combo (4), Team (5)
US Open 2006 Orlando, FL Team (2), Combo (2)


Competition Year Location Event (Result)  Download
Canadian Open Championships 2008 Combo (2), Team (3)
Canadian Open Championships 2007 Victoria, BC Combo (1), Team (3) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2006 Winnipeg, MB Combo (2) Results