Attention all CAS registered coaches and clubs!

Have you heard about the details surrounding the new Canada Artistic Swimming policy requirements that all coaches and clubs are required to follow in order to officially register for the upcoming 2019-2020 season? Take a look at our information flyer by clicking on the link above.

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Yes – the screening policy applies to all coaches.

If a coach is Competition Introduction trained, they can coach recreational programs except AquaGO! AquaGO! must be taught by trained AquaGO! instructors – regardless of their other levels of certification.

CAS has released a one-day AquaGO! certification course for coaches who are already certified at Competition Introduction level and higher.  This one-day course will be available until December 31, 2020.  Please contact your Provincial course administrator for more information.  After that time, all coaches will take the full AquaGO! certification course if they wish to instruct AquaGO!

Effective April 1, 2021, all coaches must be trained AquaGO! Instructors prior to commencing training at the Competition Introduction level.

All CAS club programs must also adhere to the standards and requirements for instructors set by the municipalities they operate within.

AquaGO! is now the only instructor certification program for recreational coaches. Please contact Ontario Artistic Swimming Coaching Course Administrator for information about the equivalencies for the Trillium Instructor program.

Our apologies.  The links seemed to work for some computers and not for others.  The adjusted pdf is now available above.

Existing PRCs (police record checks) can apply until they reach five years old.  The club president or registrar needs to verify that the current PRCs are valid and send us an email with the completion date for each one.  This is sufficient and we will update the registration profile of each coach in this case.

When it is time to renew, CAS will require all coaches to have the E-PIC done.  Many organizations and companies are now using Sterling Talent Solutions (Backcheck) to complete their police record checks so this format can also be used for employees.

You must have a current (less than five years old) police record check.  The vulnerable sector check is a different process and is no longer required (there is a note in the screening policy that explains this).

If you have an existing police record check that is less than five years old, you must ask your club president or registrar to send CAS an email to verify that they have seen this check and they must give us the completion date of the PRC so that we can update your registration profile.

When you renew your PRC, you will need to use the E-PIC format offered on line by Stirling – this can be shared with multiple organizations easily and is accepted by all other organizations as well.

Please contact your PTSO.  For CAS, your HR department can send us an email containing the coach/other stakeholders names, date PRC was completed and confirmation that they have seen the “clean” result of that check.  Existing PRCs are valid until August 31, 2021 or the date they expire before that date.  At that time, CAS participants will need to renew using the Stirling on line process.

If you have an existing PRC you must ask your club president or registrar or your provincial office, depending on the recipient of the original PRC to send CAS an email ascertaining they have seen the “clean” result and indicating the date the check was done.

Individuals cannot add this information to their own on line profiles, CAS will add it once we have received verification directly from Respect Group or from the recipient of the existing PRC.

The Activity Leader training taken prior to August 1, 2019 had no expiration date.  This will be determined when the certification date is added to your on line registration profile.

You do not need to submit your RIS certification, the Respect Group is sending those to us directly.

If you have an existing RIS certificate, the three year expiration date will automatically be added to it when it is uploaded into the CAS on line registration profile.

As a former coach, you have an existing CAS number – it is the same number you had previously.  You need to contact your provincial registration administrator to assist you in finding your registration record.  You must complete all requirements for coaches as per the checklist (Respect in Sport Activity Leader certification, Police Record Check and NCCP certification requirements).

Your CAS number is the same as when you were a swimmer and can be used to log in the same way. If you cannot remember your CAS number, please contact your provincial organization who can provide you with this information.

All club coaches must provide access to their individual PRC to the club registrar.  This can be done through Stirling Talent Solutions (Backcheck) – via your home provincial organization.  Provinces will periodically advise if coaches registered as members within the province are missing any of these required registration components.

Additionally, clubs may look up coaches teaching in their club to verify that the requirements have been met by logging onto the on line registration system using the club access and searching the coach by name.