The SYNC Artistic Swimming Championships, an international event hosted annually every summer, will take on additional meaning in 2022 for athletes in the 13-15 age group. Delegations from across the country will compete for the right to represent Canada at FINA’s 2022 Youth World Artistic Swimming Championships, scheduled to be held in Charlotte, NC (USA) in August.

At SYNC, which will take place in Edmonton on July 13-16, up to fourteen athletes will be selected to the 13-15 squad that will represent Canada at the Youth World Championships in the team, duet, mixed duet and solo events. The top-placing 13-15 team (up to 10 athletes) and the top-placing 13-15 duet (2 athletes) will be selected to represent Canada. Pending the rosters spots taken from the team and duet selections, the athlete to represent Canada in the solo event will be selected.

The top placing 13-15 mixed duet will also be added to the squad travelling to the event, for a maximum of 14 athletes in the squad.

For many provinces, the event will be an opportunity to assemble 13-15 provincial squads that will train and compete in the hope of wearing the maple leaf in Charlotte. British-Columbia will be one such province:

“BC Artistic Swimming is thrilled to be sending athletes from BC to the 2022 SYNC competition as they vie for a chance to represent Canada at the 2022 Youth Worlds,” said Tanya Magee, BC Artistic Swimming Sport Development Director. “Our artistic swimming family across Canada worked so hard these last two years to ensure our athletes can continue to reach for their artistic swimming goals.  This event will celebrate that hard work. “

For Kerri Morgan, CAS Chief Sport Officer, working in partnership with SYNC to determine the country’s representatives at Youth Worlds was a true win-win proposition.

“We’re thrilled to be able to give Canadian clubs and provincial teams the opportunity to compete to represent their country, while encouraging participation in a very well-organized summer competition hosted by our provincial partners. There is a great depth of talent in the country in the 13-15 age group and we can’t wait to watch the competition unfold.”