Last month, upon the recommendation of its Board of Directors, Synchro Canada’s provincial members approved a new registrant/membership fee structure which will see a modest fee increase for most registrants effective September 1, 2016 and a further increase effective September 1, 2018.

The fees, which have not been changed since 2009 – when they increased by an average of $1 – will be raised by amounts varying between $2 and $4 for most categories for the next membership year.  The committee who worked on the new fees was composed of 10 representatives from seven provinces across the country who also revised the membership structure to better reflect the current reality of synchronized swimming registrants in Canada.

The chart outlining the approved membership structure and fees is included below.  Complete member category definitions are available by clicking here. A revised Registration Policy will be available on the Synchro Canada website shortly.

The money raised by the membership fees is used by Synchro Canada to fulfill its mission of fostering the pursuit of excellence while enabling all Canadians to participate in the sport of synchronized swimming for fun, fitness and the achievement of personal success.

In the short term, new funds will be invested in introducing Synchro Canada’s revised Long Term Athlete Development Program.  The initial primary target is entry level synchronized swimmers in a new program called CANSwimSynchro which is currently being piloted in 18 clubs across Canada and will be fully introduced by 2018.

Approved membership structure and fees 2016