The Officials Recognition will recognize Level 3 and 4 officials at increments starting with 5 years for their dedication and contribution the sport of artistic swimming as an official and/or referee.

  • Provincial/Territorial associations and the Officials Management team may provide names of eligible officials to be recognized at 5, 10, 15 and 25 years of service.
  • A person may only receive each increment once.
  • These individuals may not be recognized in both the Officials Recognition program and the Volunteer Certificate of Merit Recognition Awards for the same service.
  • There is no limit to the number of officials that will be recognized at any increment.


Year Name
2018 5 years recognition
Angèle Gaulin-Marchand (ON)
Valérie Larose (QC)
Bonnie Perrin (SK)
Pam Wylie (MB)
Suzanne Hohmann (NB)
Mélanie Lacroix (ON)
Carol Chernishenko (SK)
Danielle Sorgo (ON)
Erinn Bartsch (SK)
Ted Smith (ON)
Suzanne Kostron (ON)
Erika Lindner (ON)
Miranda Spensley (AB)
Wendy Yule (ON)
20 years recognition
Jan McLaughlin (ON)
Lisa Balcombe (BC)
Pay Taylor (SK)
Pat McCann (ON)
Nancy Reed (QC)
2013 5 years recognition
Stacey Wood
Naomi Rafuse
Catrine Klein
Lori Kowalski
Jennifer Saunders
Maryse Brasseur
10 years recognition
Sandy Holmquist15 years recognition
Evelyn (Ev) Keddie20 years recognition
Sharon Devana25 years recognition
Karen Land
Connie Moore
2012 Carly Abraham
Lesley Ahara
Colleen Aird
Teresa Alentejano
Shannon Berg
Kirsten Brough
Brad George
Penny Hermann
Jessica Lamontagne
Suzanne Laroche
Michele Lopers-George
Leanne McDonnell
Kari McKnight
Christine Pedneault
Robert Périgny
Ginette Piché-Lapointe
Chris Profiri
Marcia Scrimgeour
Karen Seymour
Lianna Sottile