The Silver Pin is awarded to individuals who, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, have contributed significant volunteer service for ten (10) or more years.

  • A person may only receive this Pin once.
  • There is no limit to the number of Silver Pins that will be awarded each year.


Year Name
2018 10 years
Jane Mahon (ON)
Penny Hermann (ON)
Jennifer Saunders (ON)
Kari McKnight (AB)
Maureen O’Donoghue (AB)
Catrine Klein (ON)
Carly Abraham (AB)
2013 Ginette Piché-Lapointe
Robert Périgny
Sharon Trevana
2012 Carolyn MacGregor
Margo Weiner
2011 Chris Gauthier
Marg Holland
Chris Profiri
2010 Sandy Holmquist
Carol Spensley
2009 Lisa Balcombe
Laura Bell
Nancy Fisher
Mary Keene
Louise Newburry
Debbie Provencher
2008 Linda Krahn
Carol Stewart
Dr. Margo Mountjoy
2007 Beverley Cleal
Helene Tang
Linda Krahn
Carol Stewart
Ann Phillips
2006 Fran Mester
Eve Fehler
Eve keddie
Lyse Petroziello
2005 Nancy Reed
Monique Lupien
Frances Bonner Parker
Elaine McHerron
Jackie Hiscock
Lorraine Johnson
2004 Judy Moore
Maureen Cornford
Connie Moore
Lorna Proudfoott
Pat Taylor
Pam Ahrens
2003 Leanne Smith
Lucie Michaud
Josée Daudelin
Caroline Contant
Chloe Greenhalgh
2002 Roger de Grandmont
Joan Russell
Pat McCann
Sandy Slight
Laura Ealing
Lisa MacKay
2001 Ruth Ring
Marnie Eistetter
2000 Elizabeth Proude
Audrey Sribney
Francine Delisle-Lapalme
Janice McLaughlin
Susan Fisher
Karen Land
Bonnie Carlson
1999 Diane Hébert
Denise Lamontagne
Pat Hodge
1998 Lorna Read
Carol Sharer
Madeleine Ramsay
1997 Diane van der Pol
Lil Malcovitch
Anna Goski
Sharon Devana
1996 Louise Davis
Heather Archer
Marilyn Holmes
1995 Earl Goski
Leslie Taylor
Mabel Moran
Colleen Walker
Chris Hampshire
1994 Terry Jones
Terry Eagles
Sandy Poffenroth
1993 Elizabeth Wegenast
Marlies Brand
Val Zacharias
1992 Lynda Furniss
Murill Johnston
Marg McBurney
1991 Elizabeth Bain
Dawn Meades
Pat Cooley
Hilda Moore
1990 Dot Padget
Margaret MacLennan
Pat Murray
Donna Van Bakel
Diane Lemon