This is a special recognition award for a person who works today in order that those who follow tomorrow will find safety, strength and success in the sport of Artistic Swimming ; a person who demonstrates vision and flexibility for the future, as well as respect for Canada Artistic Swimming’s rich past and as a ‘Bridge Builder’ paves the road to tomorrow with their encouragement and achievements ; a person, who has initiated, continued a program, event or endeavor that allows for future growth and development in Artistic Swimming in Canada ; a person who by their actions and attitude works to build bridges that span ability, age and distance in order to position Canadian Artistic Swimming as a world leader.

  • It will not be awarded in a year when the Board of Directors of Canada Artistic Swimming feels there is no suitable nominee.


Year Name
2016 Audrey Sribney
2013 Heather Archer
2012 Dot Padget
2011 Louise Kennedy
2010 Chris Hampshire
2009 Diane van der Pol
2008 Lynda Furniss
2006 Leslie Taylor
2004 Sharon Devana
2003 Marilyn Holmes
2002 Diane Hebert
2001 Sandra Roberts
2000 Joyce Corner
1999 Diane Vilagos
1998 Marg MacLennan