New name. New brand. Renewed commitment to the vision to be a leading nation in artistic swimming that inspires Canadians through athletic performances.

With the launch of its new name and brand, Canada Artistic Swimming is taking aim at the world’s best, and also nurturing basic aquatic literacy at clubs across the country at the same time.

The name change from Synchro Canada to Canada Artistic Swimming, reflects the direction of the sport internationally, where the discipline changed from Synchronized to Artistic Swimming at the FINA Congress in 2017. The name modification was approved by FINA to better align it with other artistic sports.

“Canada Artistic Swimming is thrilled about the re-brand opportunity that this name change has given our organization” said Jackie Buckingham, CEO, Canada Artistic Swimming. “Our new Brand Essence – “Forging unity through diversity” and our key attributes: powerful, creative, dynamic, inclusive and collaborative, define us – and frame the identity of an aligned and focused organization as we move forward”.

The logo-wordmark and its accompanying icon, developed for the national organization, have also been customized for each of the provincial associations. The logo proudly includes the classic Canadian maple leaf in red, with one-third of the leaf representing the watery splash effect that is now part of the visual language of the sport. The wordmark also uses the water in motion theme, incorporated as a powerful splash through the word “Artistic”.

The new visual language will be added to everything from letterhead to websites. “Wearing our new brand on Canadian uniforms wherever we compete, will generate a sense of renewed pride for every one of our athletes,” added Julie Healy, Chief Sport Officer.

The identity package for Canada Artistic Swimming can be seen at

Canada Artistic Swimming is also launching AquaGO! / ALLEZ à L’eau! at clubs across the country starting in September. This new entry-level program encourages young girls and boys to enjoy movement in the water with a goal to developing the fundamental skills to enable participation in aquatic-based activities through their teen and adult years. Brand elements for AquaGO! can also be found on Canada Artistic Swimming’s new brand page.