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Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) continues to monitor and follow the advice of local and federal government bodies including our national and provincial health advisories as well as staying up to date on the various states of emergency and other measures imposed provincially and locally around the country in attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Given the current status and trajectory of the virus in Canada, it has become impossible for the organization to safely host the 2020 Canadian Championships, scheduled for Quebec City, May 4-9. Effective today, this event is cancelled.

This has been a difficult decision, but CAS continues to be committed to following all of the recommended guidelines and measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the health and well-being of the participants both in our sport and of Canadians in general.

We would like to sincerely thank our organizing partners Natation Artistique Québec and Québec Excellence Synchro for all the work they had already put into preparing for this event.

CAS’s executive and volunteer leadership team would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the initiative taken by our provincial Members, and the many individual registrants who have conducted such a positive and engaging social media campaign since the self-isolation and social distancing requirements began.  CAS is truly amazed at the creativity and resilience demonstrated by our participants.

As the next few weeks and months unfold, CAS will continue to support initiatives around the development of the sport, our coaches and our athletes to maintain active interest and to use this unprecedented time to promote tasks and activities that can be done virtually.  Like our Members and registrants, we hope that swimming pools and programs will be back to normal soon.

In the meantime, we will also continue to work with our Members to support the continuity of our organization infrastructure by sharing experiences and detailed information connected to the various stimulus packages currently being offered by our respective governments.

A brief Q and A related to the cancellation of the 2020 Canadian Championships is below.

We wish all of our Members and participants continued good health and safety through this challenging period.

Because of all the uncertainty around the spread of COVID-19, it’s impossible to predict when teams would even be able to get back in the water to start training. Certain provinces have already confirmed pool closures until May 1, others are hinting at June 1 and beyond. Because of this, it’s impossible to schedule with any kind of certainty an event that wouldn’t run into next season.

Hosting a national championships takes a lot of preparation and can’t be improvised in just a few weeks, but we are already investigating various possibilities that could be put in place to connect the artistic swimming community, virtually or in person, if the occasion presented itself. We will be consulting with coaches and members of the Canadian artistic swimming community about these opportunities and will keep you informed in the coming weeks.

All official hotels as recommended on the event page (Hotel Universel, Travelodge, Hotel Quartier & Laval University Residences) have confirmed that they would accept cancellations with no penalties. Please make sure to contact them now to confirm your cancellation.

This depends on the airline and the type of ticket booked, but in general full refunds are only offered on higher class fares. Air Canada is currently offering 100% credit on all their flights with no penalty fee, including those booked in the lower economy fares, which can in a lot of cases be used in the next 24 months. WestJet also offers 100% credit to a travel bank, but is currently not offering this on flights that depart after April 30. It appears a pretty safe bet that they will change this eventually, so our suggestion would be to wait until they do.

We expect to be able to release this information before the end of April

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Optional Figures Group for 13-15

Please note that the Optional Figures Group for the 13-15 Figures event will be GROUP 3.

Porpoise Continuous Spin 720°

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What How Notes/Deadline
Tentative Schedule – Detailed Version – v2.1 Download Schedule As of February 4, 2020
Tentative Schedule – Simple Version – v2.1 Download Schedule As of February 4, 2020
Pre-Competition Training Pool Request
(May 2, 2020)
Coming Soon

Draws and Results

Event Time   Results
Junior Solo Technical 15:00 EDT Start List Summary
13-15 Figures 07:45 EDT Start List Summary
Rankings per figure
Senior Duet Tech 14:00 EDT Start List Summary
Junior Duet Tech 15:00 EDT Start List Summary
Senior Solo Tech 18:30 EDT Start List Summary
Junior Solo Free 08:15 EDT Start List Summary
Senior Solo Free 11:10 EDT Start List Summary
Highlight Team 14:30 EDT Start List Summary
13-15 Team Prelims 15:00 EDT Start List Detailed
Combo 18:45 EDT Start List Summary
Junior Duet Free 08:15 EDT Start List Summary
Senior Duet Free 10:45 EDT Start List Summary
13-15 Solo 12:15 EDT Start List Summary – Routine
Detailed – Routine
Senior Team Tech 17:45 EDT Start List Summary
Junior Team Tech 18:00 EDT Start List Summary
13-15 Mixed Duet 08:30 EDT Detailed – Routine
13-15 Duet 08:35 EDT Start List Detailed – Routine
Junior Team Free 13:15 EDT Start List Summary
13-15 Team 17:00 EDT Start List Summary – Routine
Detailed – Routine

Competition Dates Pre-competition training: May 2
Spacing: May 3
Competition: May 4-9
Registration Deadline April 13, 2020 at 11:59pm
Hosts Canada Artistic Swimming in partnership with Quebec Excellence Synchro and Natation Artistique Québec
CAS Resource Stéphane Côté, Events & Communications Director
[email protected]
Events 13-15 – Figures, Solo, Duet, Mixed Duet, Team
Junior – Solo Tech, Solo Free, Duet Tech., Duet Free, Mixed Duet Tech, Mixed Duet Free, Team Tech, Team Free
Senior – Solo Tech, Solo Free, Duet Tech., Duet Free, Mixed Duet Tech, Mixed Duet Free, Team Tech, Team Free
Open – Combo, Highlight Team
Rules This competition will be conducted under Canada Artistic Swimming Rules

Pool Information Desjardins Aquatic Centre – PEPS de l’Université Laval
5827 Avenue du Séminaire, Québec, QC
Pool Specs Competition Pool: 25m x 25m (10 lanes) x 3m deep
Warmup Pool: 25m x 25m x 3m deep
Deck Privileges Only Coaches and Athletes registered for the Event will be allowed in change rooms and on deck.

All Coaches must have proper accreditations on them at all times, and will be expected to have the proper level of certification as per rule 3.1.9 a): All coaches at the Qualifier/CASC must be fully certified at the Competition Development Level or NCCP Level 3.

Security & Health Services Trained Lifeguards will be on deck at all times during the competition

Competition Schedule – Detailed Version 2.1 (as of February 4, 2020) Download Schedule
Competition Schedule – Simple Version 2.1 (as of February 4, 2020) Download Schedule

Entry Deadline Monday, April 13, 2020 at 11:59pm EST
Entry Submission Information All registration and entries must be sent online using Canada Artistic Swimming’s Event Registration system.
Entry Fees
Figures $45
Solo Tech $45
Solo Free $45
Duet Tech $95
Duet Free $95
Team Tech $175
Team Free $175
Combo & Highlight Team $205
Late Entries Once the deadline has passed, changes can only be requested by email, at [email protected], and will be subject to a late fee.

According to CAS Rule, 5.1.5 b), Each routine whose entry package has not been received or is incomplete by the stated deadline is automatically assessed a $25.00 fine. This fine must be paid to the Chief Referee or designate at the coaches meeting prior to the competition, or the routines concerned will be disqualified from the competition.

The FINAL deadline for late entries is 2 weeks prior to the start of the competition, on April 20, 2020, 11:59 pm EST. No entries will be accepted after this date.

Athlete Surcharge The athlete surcharge fee is $115 per athlete. An online Event Registration Form will be provided to add this amount to the club’s total.
Technical Fee There will be no Technical Fee in 2020.
Payment Two payment methods are available. In both cases, payment must be received before the final payment deadline to avoid penalties.

  1. Preferred Method: By Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to [email protected] (password should be CASC2020)
  2. By cheque, payable to Canada Artistic Swimming, sent to:
Canada Artistic Swimming
c/o Angela Bowser
700 Industrial Avenue, Suite 401
Ottawa, ON, K1G 0Y9

Note that the payment deadline is one week after registration, on April 20, 2019, but that late penalties will be strictly enforced.

Event Registration Form All clubs must fill out an online Event Registration Form (available later) which will be used to provide all the pertinent information to the Organizing Committee and to calculate total cost to remit to Canada Artistic Swimming.
Anti-Doping and prohibited substances By registering for this competition, athletes acknowledge that they agree to be subject to random unannounced anti-doping testing. Information about athletes’ rights and responsibilities, as well as the full list of prohibited substances, are available on the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport’s website, www.cces.ca.

The figures draw for the 13-15 Figures event will be determined by Canada Artistic Swimming, according to CAS Rule 4.5.3.b.i.

The figure group […] shall be drawn and posted by the Chief Referee or his/her designate one week prior to the start of the figure event and will be posted on the Canada Artistic Swimming website immediately after they have been drawn.

Please note that digital music will be used at this competition. There must be one digital file for each registered routine in an mp3 format, with a minimum required resolution of 192kbps.

Labeling Convention

File must be labeled with the following information, all separated by underscores, with no blank spaces

  1. Age Group: 13-15, Junior, Senior, Open (Combo + Highlight Team)
  2. Event: SoloTech, SoloFree, DuetTech, DuetFree, TeamTech, TeamFree, Combo, Highlight
  3. Club Name: no spaces please!
  4. Athlete Last Name: For duets, use both last names. For teams, please use the first swimmer’s last name, by alphabetical order

The deadline to send all music is April 13, 2020, at 11:59pm.

Please note that CAS rule 4.8.2.a will be strictly enforced:
If the music is not submitted by the deadline, if it is not in the correct format, if it is not labeled correctly, […] there will be a $100 fine per infraction.

When booking your accommodation for this competition, please consider using the Official Host Hotel or one of the preferred hotels. The rates have been negotiated for you and it’s an easy way to help the Organizing Committee. To access these rates, please use the information below.

Hôtel Notes Rates
Hotel Universel Sainte-Foy
Contact Gabriel Mercier
1-418-653-5288 #1616
[email protected]
Starting at $109 + taxes
Hôtel Travelodge Québec

Contact William Bilodeau
1-418-653-4901 #4901
[email protected]
Starting at $89 + taxes
Hotel in the heart of Ste-Foy!

Located in the heart of Ste-Foy and only few minutes away from Laval University, Hotel Travelodge Quebec City is simply the ideal location for every sports team or families with activities in Ste-Foy area. Many sporting events rely on Hotel Travelodge Quebec City’s team to ensure the success of their event and we make it a source of pride!

Amenities included :

  • Heated indoor pool
  • Free high-speed WIFI
  • Free covered parking
  • Free fridges in rooms
  • Fitness center
  • Hospitality room with microwave available for the teams
  • Continental breakfast ($) – *Discount menus for teams*
  • On-site restaurant and bar ($) – *Discount menus for teams*
Laval University Residences Hébergement hôtelier du Service des résidences de l’Université Laval – The housing alternative offering the best value for your money in Quebec City!

Located on the campus of Université Laval, the Short-term accommodation du Service des résidences offers to stay in a stimulating environment during your sport competition. To satisfy the specific needs many customised and affordable packages are available.

The sports team package is practical, economical and perfectly customized to sports teams coming to Quebec City. We are located only a few steps from the PEPS where most of the major sport events are held and just five kilometers from the Old City.

Amenities included

• Car or bus parking
• Wi-Fi access throughout the campus
• Access to common areas (kitchen, living room, playroom, etc.)

Parking is also free for participants as needed. Note that community halls are accessible to all and can even be reserved for movie viewing or for any other activities.

Click here for pictures.

If you need more information or for a reservation, please contact M. Jean-Philippe Gagné, sales representative at [email protected] or (418) 656-2131 extension 8806, and use the number #298293.

Standard University Room (shared bathroom)

These rooms have two single beds and feature all the amenities usually available in hotels or bed linen and towels, shampoo and soap, parking included, free wireless internet access and free local calls. Bathrooms are located on the same floor as the room.

$33 + taxes in single occupancy
$46 + taxes in double occupancy

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