A team of leaders from the Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) community is drawing together to “Rise Up” to address the cultural challenges faced by CAS and to direct and support cultural change across all levels of the organization. The Rise Up Project Management Committee (RUMC) will be led by Lindsay Duncan, Ph.D. She is an Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar, Graduate Program Director in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at McGill University. Ms. Duncan has served on the Board of CAS since 2017 and has been an artistic swimming coach for over 20 years.

The RUMC will be responsible for bringing the details of the Rise Up Action Plan forward. This will include defining and prioritizing steps that can be executed at national, provincial/territorial, and club levels, and making recommendations to the CAS Board of Directors. The RUMC will oversee several working groups to ensure coordinated and timely completion of the Rise Up Action Plan.

Lindsay Duncan is thrilled to be a part of this team doing important work for the sport.

“ I am proud to be leading the Rise Up Management Committee. My vision is that it will help to connect the great efforts that are being made across the country toward safe and inclusive sport, to open up communication about these really important issues, to showcase the people who are getting it right, and to unite our artistic swimming community around supporting the humanity and best performances of our athletes, coaches, officials, staff, and volunteers.”

As a coach herself, she sees the value in open dialogue and working together.

“In my two decades of coaching artistic swimming I have learned a lot by observing and modeling myself after some of Canada’s great coaches and by filling the gaps in my knowledge with some good old-fashioned trial and (hopefully not too much) error. During this time, I would have loved to have had more opportunities for open conversations about the best ways to achieve the highest levels of performance while ensuring that everyone feels welcome and supported in artistic swimming. I believe that Rise Up will provide our whole community with those opportunities.”

“As we aim to be a leader in a new and better sport environment, we recognize that culture change is needed across our organization,” said Jackie Buckingham, CEO, Canada Artistic Swimming. “We need a movement that will reach from the national program to every club – led by our sport’s culture champions at all levels. We are so pleased that Lindsay will lead the great team who will help athletes reach their goals in a safe and inclusive environment for all.”

The RUMC has established timelines and priorities for the next year and the project will continue for several years ahead. The three areas of focus are: Safe and Welcoming Sport, Health and Well-Being and Performance Culture.

For more information on the Rise Up Action Plan and Road Map, visit: