Synchro Canada has joined with Respect in Sport to ensure that its programs continue to offer safe, healthy environments for all participants. Beginning in 2016, all Synchro Canada national team coaches, staff and athletes took part in the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program.  The training has become part of Synchro Canada’s commitment to the Coaching Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaching Movement and is a mandatory requirement for all future National Team Program participants.

Respect in Sport was co-founded by former NHL hockey player Sheldon Kennedy and former Vice-Chair of the Rocky View School Division Wayne McNeil. Their motto defines their goal and approach to building a culture of respect within the sport community: Respect: Learn it. Live it. Pass it on.

“Synchro Canada is very proud to support and endorse the importance of respect in our sport and we are pleased to be among the first national sporting organizations in Canada to do so. It follows our strategic plan and our fundamental values around ethics and creating a safe, inclusive environment for all of our members,” said Jackie Buckingham, CEO, Synchro Canada. “We are confident that the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program will be actively pursued by our provincial sport organization members across Canada to give our synchro community the opportunity to grow a culture of respect in programs offered by our provinces and clubs.”

“We are very pleased to have Synchro Canada offering our suite of programs across the country, and this continues to support our vision of a safe sport community, free of bullying abuse and harassment’, said Wayne McNeil, co-founder of the Respect Group.

In addition to the mandatory requirements at the national level, Synchro Canada has made the Respect Group’s key programs available to its provinces and clubs. These include the Activity Leader, Workplace and Parent programs. These easy-to-use online training tools enable sport and community organizations to create a safer, more ethical environment by providing essential information to each organization’s critical stakeholders.

Further enquires may be made through Synchro Canada National Office or any Provincial office.