Synchro Canada’s Board of Directors welcomed a new member this weekend as Margie Schuett was elected to a two-year term at the organization’s Annual Meeting in Montreal.

Mrs Schuett, from Calgary, AB, brings extensive volunteer experience in the area of high-performance sport having served on a number of multi and single-sport Boards including the Commonwealth Games, Diving Canada and Motivate Canada. This is a return to the Synchro Canada Board for Schuett, who already served a two-year term four years ago. She joins the Board with an impressive amount of competition experience, having been on the Mission Staff of 9 Olympic and Pan Am Games, 6 Commonwealth Games and 8 World Aquatic Championships, as Chef de Mission.

Incumbent board members Gail Donohue, from Vancouver, BC, and Joel Sanders, from Gormley, ON, were re-elected for second two-year mandates. Synchro Canada

President Henry Scheil, from Alberta, AB, is very pleased with the composition of the new board. “We are excited to welcome Margie Schuett to the Board. She has been a member of our committees and board in the past, is a well-known figure in sports in Canada and brings extensive experience to the table. With the re-election of Gail Donohue and Joel Sanders, we will form a board that will welcome the opportunities ahead of us and work together with our community to continue to provide quality programs and athlete experiences. I’d like to thank out-going Board member Lorna Proudfoot for her many contributions and dedication over the past four years.”

Also on Synchro Canada’s 2016-2017 Board of Directors are :

Judi Enns Bradette (Toronto, ON, continuing her two-year mandate)
Guy Côté (Mont Tremblant, QC, continuing her two-year mandate)
Shelby Harding (Vancouver, BC, athlete council chair)