BIRTHDATE August 15, 1996
HEIGHT 163 cm
HOME CLUB Calgary Aquabelles, Dollard Synchro
COACH BEFORE NT Genevieve Beauregard & Laura Swift
JUNIOR NT 2013, 2014
13-15 NT 2010, 2011


Combining her love of the water and her interests in gymnastics, synchronized swimming was the perfect combination for Kalie Wong. Before entering the COE in January 2016, Wong had already been a member of four national teams. In 2010 and 2011, she participated at the Comen Cup with the 13-15 National Team. In her junior years, she made the National Team twice which granted her the opportunity to compete at the UANA PanAm Championships (2013) and at the FINA Junior World Championships (2014). The most memorable highlight of Kalie’s career is still, for her, her last Canadian Open: “I had a bit of rough competition; I didn’t swim my figures to my absolute best, which gave me a bit of a negative outlook when I was heading into the solo competition. However, I tried to keep it out of my mind and only concentrate on my final solo swim of the year. It was my best. As I was listening to my marks, I was in shock. I had received my first 83, putting me in first place in routine. I started crying from how happy I was, and that moment will stay with my for the rest of my life. It is, and always will be unforgettable.”


  • Family: Oldest child of four… Mom is a nurse and works in the NICU (with the premature babies)… Dad is an amateur sports photographer/IT manager. “I love my family so much, and it’s definitely hard not being home all the time, but they know that I am doing what I love, and they all support me every step of the way.”
  • Getting into the Sport: Had previously done a year of ballet, but it wasn’t passionate about it… Her aunt suggested that she tries the sport as she had done a synchro summer camp as a child… “I remember as soon as I touched the water and attempted to do what the older girls did, I fell in love. It was the perfect mix for me, and I’m so happy that I found it”.
  • Outside Interests:  Loves to read books and watch TV shows… Avid fan of Harry Potter, the Marvel universe, and plenty of other fandoms… Loves to spend quality time with my friends and family- when I can… Really enjoys coaching younger synchro athletes… Studies Cell and Molecular Biology…
  • Future aspirations: Wants to be a pediatrician after her synchro career… 
  • Odds and Ends: Favorite quote is “Fall 7 times, Stand up 8”
  • Why she loves Synchro: “I love synchro because I get the chance to perform in front of a crowd. When I get that chance to compete, I can be whomever I need to be. I have the opportunity to show off to the judges, and the crowd, what type of character I am portraying. I can be a whole new person, every single time. The rush I get when I perform is why I find the energy to jump into that pool every single day, even the hardest ones. It’s so rewarding to know that all those hours have been leading up to this single moment. I want to show off what I can do.”


Competition Year Location Event (Result)  
FINA World Junior Championships 2014 Helsinki, FIN Team (6), Figures (74) Results
UANA Panamerican Championships 2013 San Juan, PUE Combo (1), Team (2), Figures (14) Results
Comen Cup 2011 Busto Arsizio, ITA Team (3), Figures (71) Results
Comen Cup 2010 Chania, GRE Team (4), Figures (114) Results


Competition Year Location Event (Result)  
Shiseido Canadian Open Championships 2015 Toronto, ON Duet Tech (1), Duet Free (2), Solo Tech(3), Solo Free (1) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2014 Saskatoon, SK Combo (1), Team (2), Duet (2), Solo (2), Figures (6) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2013 Québec, QC Combo (1), Team (1), Duet (4), Solo (2), Figures (4) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2012 Victoria, BC Team (1), Solo (15), Figures (30) Results
Canadian Open Championships 2011 Calgary, AB Team (1), Figures (21) Results
Canadian Espoir Championships 2010 Montréal, QC Team (2), Duet (3), Solo (7), Figures (10) Results
Canadian Espoir Championships 2009 London, ON Team (2), Duet (3), Solo (7), Figures (10) Results