The Rise Up Management Committee (RUMC) has published its first quarterly report, based on the action plan for a safe and inclusive environment, initiated last April.

In these initial months of “Rise Up”, we have focused on putting together a strong committee with the help of Lindsay Duncan as the Committee Chair as officially announced on July 23rd.

The Rise Up Management Committee is made up of 15 members with a diversity of experience & expertise in Artistic Swimming. The RUMC membership includes CAS Board members, CAS staff, provincial executive directors, coaches, officials, and former athletes.

To this date, the RUMC has held 2 meetings. These two meetings have mainly focused on ensuring that the members of the committee are up-to-date on actions CAS has taken toward fulfilling the Rise Up Action Plan & to gather general feedback about the challenges and strengths of the organization.

The content of the report is the following:

  • Introduction from RUMC chair
  • RUMC summary
  • Current collaborators
  • CAS challenges & strengths
  • Strategic plan
  • Important actions recently taken
  • “Alias” reporting & feedback mechanism
  • National injury tracker reporting system
  • Communication agreement with Balboa Sport
  • Next steps

You can read the full report HERE or look for it in the dedicated “Rise Up” section of the website.

For any questions or requests, we invite everyone to write to us at [email protected]