Not only has Synchro Canada implemented mandatory Respect in Sport training at the national level, some of its clubs and provincial organizations have as well.

The Respect in Sport Program’s mission is to empower people to recognize and prevent abuse, bullying and harassment through interactive, online certification, which makes it attractive for busy volunteers and participants to be able to complete the training on their own schedule.

After hearing Roland Vidal, of Respect Group, speak about the Respect in Sport Program at Synchro Canada’s 2016 AGM in Montreal, Michael Andersen Jones was immediately captivated by the message and the approach. The President of Synchro NL, the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Sport Organization, knew it was the right program for them.

“I just thought that as leaders in the sport this was really important and a good investment because we only have so much time and energy as leaders within sport,” said Andersen Jones. “I absolutely hate crisis so if I can do something that will create a better sport experience for athletes and reduce crisis on the sport management side of things – I’m all for it.”

One year later, Synchro Canada is proud to recognize these registered groups for their commitment to creating awareness and education that will, in turn, promote a safe, respected and welcoming environment for everyone, from young swimmers to elite competitors, and also for coaches and volunteers to enjoy.

Activity Leader / Coach Training (click for more information):  

  • Synchro BC
  • Synchro Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Synchro Saskatchewan
  • Synchro Swim Manitoba
  • Nepean Synchro Club
  • Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Club

Parent Program (click for more information)

  • Synchro Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Thunder Bay Synchro Club (Manitoba)
  • Nepean Synchro Club (Ontario)
  • Durham Synchro Club (Ontario)
  • Edmonton Aurora Synchro (Alberta)